Charles T. McCormick Papers

Charles T. McCormick (1899-1963) was Professor of Law at The University of Texas (1922-26, 1940-63) and dean from 1940-49.  Presented here are selections from his papers while dean.  The Charles T. McCormick Papers are held by Rare Books & Special Collections, Tarlton Law Library, The University of Texas at Austin.

Some of Dean McCormick's papers concern what he termed the "interracial problem," that is, the efforts of African Americans to enroll in then-segregated, white law schools such as The University of Texas.  On this issue, McCormick's papers include memos and letters to and from law school colleagues at UT and at other universities.  These letters also document efforts by members of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) to address the segregation issue.

In response to the Heman Sweatt's suit against The University, university and state officials sought to satisfy the "separate but equal" constitutional standard by creating the Texas State University for Negroes (TSUN) School of Law.  Charles McCormick was concurrently dean of the new, separate school and the UT School of Law.   These selections from his papers document the creation, staffing, and administration of the separate school.

These papers also document Dean McCormick's participation and assistance in the defense of Sweatt v. Painter.  Dean McCormick's correspondents included faculty colleagues, the attorney general and his staff, the university's president and regents, and the state's governor, among others.

Three different tables of contents are available for this collection of documents.  The first is sorted by date, the latter two by the author and recipient of the documents.

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