In 1946, with the support of the NAACP, Heman Marion Sweatt applied for admission to The University of Texas School of Law.  The University registrar rejected his application because Sweatt was an African American and UT was a segregated institution.  Sweatt, with NAACP counsel, sued.  Although Sweatt lost in state court, the United States Supreme Court in 1950 ordered the integration of The University of Texas School of Law and also The University's Graduate School.

This archive contains historical records linked to the Sweatt v. Painter litigation.  These materials include university records, litigation materials, newspapers, and oral histories.  For display, most of these records are text files, although some manuscripts are graphics files.


University Sources
Dean Charles T. McCormick Papers
President Theophilus S. Painter Papers

Oral Histories
Oral History of Corwin W. Johnson
Oral History of Joe Greenhill
Oral History of Dean W. Page Keeton
Oral History of Justice Oscar Mauzy

Texas State Court Sources
State Court Pleading and Opinions
Trial Court Transcript

US Supreme Court Sources
Justice Tom Clark's Memo to the Supreme Court Justices
U.S. Supreme Court Opinion

African-American Newspapers
Houston Informer
Chicago Defender
Pittsburgh Courier

Other Newspapers
Austin American
The Daily Texan

Dallas Morning News
United States Law Week

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