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(Excerpts from) Archives of Maryland, Vol. LIV (1937), pp. 224-225, 246-248, Kent County Court Proceedings.

At A Court held upon Kent the seuenth Day of August 1661

at the house of Mr Thomas Ringgould

Psent Capt Robert Vaughan Capt William Leeads

Mr James Ringgould Mr Nickholas pickard


The Complaint of Sarah Tayler Servant to Capt Thomas Brodnox taken the 5th of August 1661

Saith that on Satterday Morning being the 3d of august she beinge about hur Mrs Bussines in hur Masters kitchin: hur Master & hur Mistres came and suddenly fell uppon hur: and she helped to hold hur untell he bagune to beate hure with a great ropes end: then she went and kept the doore untell hur husband hade beate her so unreasonably that theare is twenty on Impresions of blowes small and great upon her backe and Armes that hath binne taken notis of and when hur Master had soe beaten hur; hur Master said now spoyle me a batch of bread againe

Thes Complaint being read to Capt Brodnox he did acknoledg the beating of hur and that he would answer itt

Coru nos Rob vaughan

James Ringold

Nickholas pickard

Joseph Newman Sworne in Court Saith

That on on Sunday morneing when he lived at Capt Brodnox house Capt Brodnnox tooke upe a thre futted stole and stroke Sarah Taylor on the head with it for takeing a booke in hure hand to read: and said youe disimbling Jade what doe youe doe with a booke in youre hand, & further saith not

Joseph Newman

Whearas Complaint hath binne made before use by Sarah Tayler servant to Capt Thomas Brodnox that hur sd Mr hath Correckted hur when he hade no Caus at all as itt hath apeared before use by the tistimony of Joseph Newman: ans when he hade Caus Correcked hur above Measiour as it dide apeare by the veiw of Capt Rob Vaughan and two other Commisioners to whom she shewed the Impresion of the blowes receved from hur said Master Capt Bodnox: And thearfore we doe thinke fitt to discharge the said Sarah Tayler of hur Aprentiships: In regard of the Eminent Danger likely to Insew by the Invetterat Mallice of hur Master & Mistres toward hure

Thearfore we doe by thes presents under oure hands and seales pronounce & declare that we have for the Causes aforesaid and other Causes to us Knowne Discharge the said Sarah Tayler the Aprentise of hur Aprentisehood thes 7th of August 1661

Teste Me Tobye Wells Clks Rob Vaughan

Wm Leeads

James Ringgold

Nickholus pickard

Att A Court houlden the 30th June 1668 for the Lord propriat

In the 37 yeare of his Dominion &c for kent County

Henery Coursey Esq

Capt Robt vaughan Mr Richard Blunt

present mr Morgan Williams Mr Thomas osborne Comissioners

Mr Matt: Read Mr John Dabb

Toby Well plant

Valentine Southerne deft

In An Action of debt upon Account A Referance to next Court and in Case of default of the said Southerne in Not Answering then Judgment to passe

Thease are to Impower and Authorize yow to Sweare into your Comission for the County Court of Kent John vicaris Gent alsoe that he be Admitted of the Quorum in the said Comission, And for soe doeing this shall bee your Sufficient warrant given under my hand And Lesser Seale of the province this fourth day of June In the Six and Thirtith yeare of the Dominion of Caecilius Absolute Lord and propriatary of this province of Maryland Annoq Dominis one Thousand Six hundred Sixty Eight

Charles Calvert

To Capt Robert vaughan with the

Rest of his Lordships Comissioners

for the County of Kent


According to this order this day John vicaris Gent: was sworne to be of the Quorum into the Comission in open Court

Test: John Wright Cla

Robt Fuller plant:

Toby wells defendt

In An Action of the Case a Referance to next Court

Edmond Burton brought two Servts to Court to be Judged what time the should serve named Humphrey Hubbert and Mary Ewens ordered to Serve five years Apeice

Isabella Barnes brought A servant to Court named william whatly & ordered to Serve Six yeares According to law

Marke benton Brought a servt to Court who Came in without Indenture named James Dee & ordered to serve seauen yeares According to Law

Execution granted to Mr John vicaris for Eight hundred pounds Tobacco and all Just Fees Against Toby Wells

Ordered that Christian Deare the Daughter of John Deare deceasd shall Serve Robert Dunn for and during the Terme of Foure yeares or untill she be marryed The bond of security for the orphans Cattle is delivered unto Robert Dunn

This Day John Maggison was Sworne Cunstable for Lower Hundred Henery Downes for upper Hundred

Tho: Collins plant

John Erreckson defft

In An Action of the Case two Evidence being taken in part of the plant: the Court finding it Just doth order the Said Erreckson to pay unto the plant: one hundred and Eighty pounds of Tobacco all Accounts being Ballanced with Cost of Sute ells excp

Bee it knowne unto all men by these presents that I John Dabb of the Island of Kent for divers good Causes and Consideracons me Thereunto moueing doe bind over my Daughter Sarah Dabb unto mr Morgan Williams and his wiffe for and during the Terme of Foure yeares to serve them in such occasions as they shall require and in Consideration whereof the Said Williams is to finde her meate drincke washing and Lodging and Cloths for the true performance of the premises I bind my selfe my heires Executors Administratrs or Assignes In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the 30th June 1668 John ID Dabb

Acknowledged in Court andordered to be recorded his marke

Test John Wright Cla

This day Isaac Winchester desired to Record his marke of his Cattle and hoggs as Followeth A halfe square over the right Eare and A Crop and A nick underneath A halfe square under the left and A Cropp

John Wright Records his marke of Cattle and hoggs as Foll: Cropt of both Eares and a slitt in the Right

John Wright Another marke underkeeled of the right Eare and A small peice taken Away of the upper side Cropt and slitt of the left eare/

Know all men by these presents that I pasco Dunn doe Assigne over all my Right and Title of this within specifyed Bill of Saile unto Henery Downes his heires or Assignes for ever with all privildges thereunto belonging for pformance hereof I have hereunto Sett my hand this 16 of Aprill 1667 Pasco Dunn

Acknowledged in Court by Robert Dunn his Atturney and ordered to be Recorded

Test John Wright Cla

Articles of Agreement made this 18 day of June 1668 & fully Concevd betwixt Tho: Bright of the one party & Francis Shambrooke one the other party In manner and Forme as Followeth

 Impres that the Said Francis shambrooke for A Considerable Consideration Already Reced doth bind her Selfe for Three Compleat yeares After the date hereof to serve Tho: Bright in Such Service & Imploymt as the Sd Bright shall Imploy her in & during the said Terme the Aforesaid Tho: Bright doth firm

ly Ingage hemselfe to Allow the Said shambrooke meate drinke lodging & Apparrell to with Agreement the partyes above mentioned have hereunto Sett their hands & seales

Francis O shambrooke
her signe & seale
Tho: T Bright
his signe & seale

witnes Thomas Thechiley

Robert Hawkshaw

Acknowledged in Court & ordered to be recorded

Test: John Wright Cla:

Alexander Thourson Entred A marke for his Sonne Andrew Thourson Cattle being Five head the left Eare over keeled and a hole the Right Eare Cropt and Three Slitts * * * * *


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