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Camden Memorial (1785), Grimke Family Papers, South Carolina Historical Society.

In Consequence of the very great Grievence that the Citizens of this district labour under, on Account of the many Law suits which are brought against them, and the very great scarcity of Money, which renders them unable to discharge their debts with Cash

We do form the following Resolutions which we think will be the means of extricating us from inevitable Ruin (in Case the Law goes on) and at the same time do our Creditors every Justice that any number of reasonable Men, consistent with Reason can desire--


That the ensuing Court which is intended to be holden at Camden beginning on the 26th instant shall not proceed to the trial or determination of any matters of debt in any Case whatever--


That if any Person that is a Creditor or any Attorney for a Creditor, doth apply to the Debtor for his or their Account, or the Amount thereof[,] will take property as payment, shall have such property as the Debtor is possessed of at three fourths of the value which property shall be valued by two indifferent Men upon Oath each Party to chuse one--


That if the Debtor is possessed of difft Species of property, he shall give such as best suits the Creditor, in payment of his, her, or their debts, that if the Parties Concerned cannot agree respecting the choice of said property, in that Case the Men chosen to value the property, shall fix upon such as they think proper, having Regard at the same time to the Convenience of Each Party so far as the Nature of the Case will admit--


That in all probability the Law will for some time be dormant; that we are determined to the utmost of our power to suppress every Species of villainy, that shall be Committed during the suspension of the Law, that is if in Case the Court will only proceed to the trial of Criminal matters alone in the Execution of that Part of the Law we will give them every necessary support, and we are determined to support a Regular decorum in point of Peace & good Order--


That in the execution of these Resolutions every Civil Officer shall be treated with the utmost Civility particularly his Honour the Judge & the Attorney General--


That each Person whose name is hereunto annexed, or others who consider themselves any ways bound by the above Resolutions, shall in every Respect so far as is in their Power suport the said Resolves, for which purpose they shall hold themselves in Readiness with every necessary Equipage for the thorrough execution of them so long as it may appear necessary--

Agreed upon and entered into this Twenty Third day of April 1785.

          NB. the names were torn off of the original when given up.


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