Houston Informer, December 14, 1946.  Used with permission of Houston Informer

U.T. Student Joins Youth Council in Protest Against Two-Room Law School Here

HOUSTON—All citizens of the South must join hands and march forward together. Jim Crow must go. This assertion was made by John W. Stanford, youthful senior from the University of Texas, Wednesday night before a group gathered in the basement of the St. John Baptist church on Dowling during a mass meeting protesting the idea of a two-room law school for Negroes in the McDonald building, sponsored by the Youth Council local NAACP.

The youthful endorser of Sweatt to enter the law school on Texas university campus, stated that the recent events like the Sweatt case, the Civil Rights Congress in which all groups participated show the possibility of our joining hands, and that the campaign for funds made by the NAACP on the University of Texas campus is one of the most significant moves to hit Texas in a long time. This achieving of a little Negro-white unity of U.T. campus has got nation wide publicity, he said.

"White students are learning that it is time for them to fight for the rights of the Negro people," he stated. He said that sixteen clubs or practically all the organizations on the U.T. campus are supporting the Sweatt fund drive and that the NAACP has the reputation of being ‘the organization.[‘]

"The NAACP, an interracial organization's fight for the rights of the Negro people has not only received the support of students but has received it with enthusiasm," he stated.

He said that students see very rapidly that so long as Negroes are discriminated against, whites will have inferior schools. The South has been synonymous with misery, degradation; masses of whites in the South have poorer health, poorer living conditions and higher mortality rates than any other part of the country, the youthful speaker said.

"Keeping the Negro down, ‘in his place’ in the South means low wages. That’s white supremacy," he stated.

That the Sweatt case being brought into court is the first time a fight against segregation has been made is a mockery to justice and democracy because never before has a full-fledged attack on segregation been made, he said.

He called the proposed two-room law school in the McDonald building, the 25 or 30 thousand dollars for a library, which he stated ‘fits’ into the $50,000 appropriation for a Negro law school as compared with the law school on the University of Texas, "the greatest fraud and hoax" committed on the citizenry of Texas.

He said that the law school building on the University of Texas opened in 1883 has 61,000 books, and cost $140,000, nearly three times the appropriation made by Governor Coke Stevenson for a law school for Negroes in Texas.

"A law school for Negroes with a reputation of the one on the University campus is impossible to start over night," he stated.

He said that the fight against segregation must be continued to get ‘any thing.’ "The only way even the two-room idea was gotten was because Negroes made an all-out attack against segregation," he stated.

The young student told of reactionary forces in the South having succeeded in creating an atmosphere of fear that if anything is done now there will be ‘trouble.’ "For the first time a group of organizations have broken through this fear," he said.

The support of the NAACP case by U.T. students in the Sweatt case was referred to a as result of Negro-white unity. He gave the city primary voting in which the Rev. L.H. Simpson received half of his 7000 votes form whites as an example of Negro-white unity in Houston.

"If we are to continue marching together and if we increase our unity, we can make of the South a place of wealth, where everyone can have a decent living, health, education facilities," he stated at the end of his speech.

The mass meeting will continue in the church basement Sunday evening at three o’clock, N.H. Fitch, senior advisor of the Youth Council, announced.