Houston Informer, October 4, 1947.  Used with permission of the Houston Informer


Renews Campaign to Enter White School

HOUSTON—Heman Marion Sweatt, when contacted by an Informer reporter Wednesday, confirmed the renewal of his campaign to enroll in the University of Texas law school and stated that there were no new developments in the case up to that time.

W.J. Durham of Dallas and Thurgood Marshall of New York, attorneys for Mr. Sweatt, filed a new brief Tuesday in Austin before the third court of civil appeals. The court began its fall session Wednesday but no hearing has been set on the Sweatt appeal.

The Houston mail carrier’s campaign to enroll in the law school began nearly two years ago. After plans for a temporary law school in Austin were made, a previous mandamus sought from District Judge Roy. C. Archer to compel his enrollment was not made effective when it came up in December of 1946. Mr. Sweatt then appealed to the third court of civil appeals but an application for a mandamus was denied on May 17, 1947. It was on this decision that the second appeal is based.

In a recent article for the student magazine of the University of Texas, Mr. Sweatt said that he was sticking to his fight to enter the University of Texas law school, because in his opinion, "it was the best law school in Texas." He further stated that "the law school of the University is the only one that can afford me equal training to that available for other students."