Houston Informer, June 24, 1950.  Used with permission of the Houston Informer

……the news in brief

AUSTIN—The state of Texas, which has been complimented editorially in many publications for its apparently prompt acceptance of the Supreme Court ruling in the Sweatt case, did an about-face yesterday, announcing that it was not done with the question. State Attorney General Price Daniel announced Wednesday that he would ask the court for a re-hearing of the case. Under the Supreme Court ruling the University of Texas was ordered to open its doors to the would-be graduate law student because "substantially equal" facilities were not offered at the Texas State University for Negroes.

Asking the court to reconsider its opinion, Daniel pleaded he had not had sufficient time to prove the "equality" of TSU.

HOUSTON—The application of George A. McElroy, sophomore student in journalism at TSU, for admission to the journalism school at the University of Texas, was rejected yesterday in a letter received from the dean of admissions, who wrote the young World War II veteran, "Since the work you wish to take is offered at the institution that you are now attending, namely, the Texas State University for Negroes, we feel compelled at this time to refuse you admission to the University of Texas."

McElroy had applied for entry immediately after the Supreme Court ruling in the Sweatt case, on the grounds that "our meager department (at TSU) can never meet the qualities of yours."