Houston Informer, June 22, 1946. Used with permission of the Houston Informer

Houston May Be Site for Negro University

HOUSTON – Houston has more than an even chance of becoming the site of the university for Texas Negroes, because of its convenience of prospective students, according to a report this week.

The proposition was under consideration for recommendation by a joint committee representing the University of Texas board of regents and the board of directors of Texas A. & M. college, the report stated.

The University will offer courses in medicine, law, engineering, journalism and other professions, and the proposal to establish it here has met with the approval of Harry B. Jewett, chairman of the Houston Chamber of Commerce’s educational committee, W.N. Blanton, general manager of the Chamber and Gill Gilchrist, president of the A. & M. college. Dr. W. H. Scherer, Houston, member of the University of Texas board of regents, declined to comment, the report stated.

Mr. Gilchrist said the case of Heman Marion Sweatt, Houston postman who obtained a writ of mandamus suspended for six months in Austin Monday, which would compel University of Texas authorities to admit him as a law student if made final, was having no effect on the committee’s deliberations, according to the report.