Houston Informer, June 17, 1950.  Used with permission of the Houston Informer

Schools to Obey Supreme Court Action

WASHINGTON--(ANP)--Universities affected by the decisions of the U.S. Supreme court ending segregation in schools attended by Negroes and whites and forcing Texas to admit a Negro to the white state university probably will obey the orders without question.

The University of Texas already has admitted two Negroes, John Saunders Chase, 25, and Horace Lincoln Heath, 50.

Herman Marion Sweatt, who filed suit against the university, plans to attend in the fall. He commented: "I think it is a milestone in the progress of applied democracy. I most certainly shall enroll in the university in September and without malice.

Dr. George L. Cross, president of the University of Oklahoma said the decision "apparently knocks out all segregation in graduate schools at Oklahoma university." He added that he does not think this will bring on a great influx of Negroes into the school.

In Kentucky and Arkansas, it appears that there will be little trouble caused by this decision because Negroes already attend these schools and without segregation. Florida faces a number of lawsuits on this question, and officials involved could not be reached for statements in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In Maryland, however, President H. C. Byrd of the University of Maryland, rather than end jim-crow, would provide "duplicate" facilities for Negroes. At present his state is under six lawsuits on the question of equal education.

Recently the university was ordered by the Maryland Court of Appeals to admit a colored girl to its nursing school. It has taken no action yet pending its future legal plans.