©Dallas Morning News, November 19, 1946. Reprinted with the permission of the Dallas Morning News

UT Students Group Would Admit Negro

By Dawson Duncan, Staff Correspondent of The News

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 19. - The court battle of a Negro, Heman Marion Sweatt, to enter the University of Texas law school, Tuesday had the endorsement of student representatives of a group of campus organizations.

Action of the group of students culminated a discussion of the racial segregation issue by whiles and Negroes at the university YMCA.  The YMCA Building faces the campus.

A resolution adopted stated:

"We hereby endorse and intend to support the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People efforts for equal educational opportunities, as evidenced in the case of Heman Marion Sweatt, seeking admission to the University of Texas law school."

Suit Pending for Judgment.

Efforts of the NAACP include a campaign for funds to aid Sweatt in his litigation.   The suit brought five months ago in District Court here is pending for judgment.   After a hearing, District Judge Roy C. Archer postponed entered an order until Dec. 17.

He explained from the bench that he did so to give the state an opportunity to create a Negro law school to give Sweatt equal educational opportunities, for otherwise it appeared he would have to be admitted to the university.

Gov. Coke Stevenson appointed a biracial commission to study the problem and make recommendations.  He said Tuesday that the commission had not advised him when it would report and he was seeking to determine the date from mark McGee of Fort Worth, chairman.

Facts Unknown to Governor.

He said he was not acquainted with the facts surrounding the action taken by the university students.

It was believed to be the first time in history that a group of students at the university, in a public meeting, had endorsed the principle of admitting Negroes to the school

Students voting to support the NAACP program in the Sweatt case were from these campus organizations:  Canterbury (Episcopal) Club, Wesley (Methodist) Foundation, Lutheran Students Association, Baptist Student Union, YMCA, YWCA, the Independent Women's Organization, Common Sense, American Veterans Committee and the Campus Guild Co-Op.   Several others sent observers without a delegation of authority to act.

Approximately sixty students attended the meeting.  The university now has an enrollment in excess of 17,000.

Action of the student representatives is to be reported back to the organizations.