About Tom Russell

Thomas D. Russell is a law professor and attorney in Denver, Colorado.  In his teaching and practice, Professor Russell combines justice, investigation, and analysis.

Professor Tom Russell

As a lawyer, Professor Russell seeks justice for injured people.  The goal is to assist people who have been injured in car crashes, falls, or other accidents become whole again.  Professor Russell negotiates settlements with insurance companies and files lawsuits when necessary.

Professor Russell also represents taxi companies.  He represents new companies that seek to expand the competition in existing markets.  In Colorado, he has represented startup cab companies before the Public Utilities Commission.  In particular, he has represented Ethiopian, Somalian, Eritrean Nigerian, and other African drivers who believe in the American Dream.  One radio talk show host called Professor Russell a Taxicab Warrior.

The House of Russell includes all of Professor Russell's current and former students, his courses, and all his public talks.  

At the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Professor Russell teaches Torts, Contracts, and American Legal History.  His scholarship has involved the history of racial discrimination, the legal history of slavery, and the history of personal injury litigation.  He has been extensively involved in health care reform.  

Professor Russell teaches his students to link their classroom study of law with the world around them.  The best lawyers are good investigators, excellent observers, and humane listeners.  Being smart helps a lot.  Good lawyers listen to their business clients rather than scaring them. 

Professor Russell earned his law degree and Ph.D. at Stanford University.  He has taught at the University of California--Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law; Stanford University; University of California--Hastings College of Law; and The University of Texas School of Law, where he was Professor of Law and History.  He was a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Trinidad & Tobago in 2004.

A native of Pittsburgh, Tom has lived in Chicago, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Austin, and now Denver.  

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